Loyalty App
Rewards at your fingertips, with a personalized touch.

A Native app that offers a seamless and personalized experience to your customers. With its powerful loyalty program, customers can earn rewards and exclusive discounts.

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Loyalty program

Reward your customers for their loyalty with points, badges, and exclusive discounts.


Customise the look and feel of the app to align with your brand.

EPOS Integration

Seamless integration with your EPOS system to ensure real-time data and efficient transactions.

Order History

Manage customer orders and track their order history.

Push notifications

Send personalised notifications to customers to keep them engaged with your brand.

Data analytics

Gain valuable insights from customer data and track customer behaviour.

Elevate your customers experience with an exclusive, customized, and rewarding app.

The Nudo Loyalty App is fully customizable, allowing you to match the look and feel of your brand. It integrates seamlessly with your ePOS system, providing real-time updates and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Having a native loyalty empowers your customers to keep track of their rewards and purchases, providing them with a convenient way to engage with your brand.

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